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Some good ADS-B advice from the VAF forum

Subject:?ADS-B out GPS confusion (source)


“I’ve been looking and looking but just can’t decipher on my own… I need to ask. I’m about to start putting my pannel together. I would like a very simple pannel for VFR sport flying. I’d like to install a GRT sport-sx EFIS. It does everything that I want it to and I’m a minimalist type so I don’t want anything more. The other EFIS I had been considering is a Dynon Skyview. My only real concern is ease of transition into the ADS-B out requirement in 2020ish. I understand that Dynon’s GPS reciever along with the mode S transponder works just fine to provide ADS-B in capability. BUT…is it certified to be legal when the requirement hits? If not, and I’ll have to spend the money on a separate GPS down the road anyway, then I’d just rather get the GRT Sport now and buy the Trig mode S and GPS source required when the time comes. I live in North Dakota. There’s only one Mode C ring even within range of me anyway……”

Response from dynonsupport:

“You will require a certified GPS in 2020. You will also require a fully certified Mode-S transponder or UAT-Out device. The Dynon GPS puck will not meet this requirement.

All of this is only true if you fly in places where a transponder is required (class C and above or above 10K ft). If you don’t fly where you need a transponder, you don’t need ADS-B out either.

In my opinion, if you’re buying a transponder today, it’s a waste not to get a Mode-S that you can just hook a GPS to when the time comes.”

And from?jclark:

“I (and a few of my friends) have the GRT Sport EFIS.
You can use the Trig TT31 (standard rack style) or TT22 (even TT21 as I recall) to provide for “ADS-B Out”. You need to provide a WAAS GPS signal to it. That signal can (for now at least) come from a Garmin x96 or from the GPS out of the EFIS.

To RECEIVE weather and traffic on the GRT Sport you will need to connect a NavWorx or FreeFlight or SkyRadar device.

I use the SkyRadar because I can DIRECT CONNECT it to the GRT *and* I can use the WiFi from it to connect to my iPad (running WingX).

The connection from the SkyRadar to the GRT Sport is via USB. We use a powered USB Hub (~$50) so that the memory stick and the SkyRadar can BOTH be connected. Remember the Sport has only one USB port.

With this setup, you will be a player in the ADS-B universe and be able to receive weather and traffic on both your GRT Sport EFIS *and* on your iPad (or Android tablet) if you have one.”

‘ForeFlight and iPad Mini: First Impressions’ from Team ForeFlight

The iPad mini has arrived, and ForeFlight wants to share their first impressions, photos, and links to learn more. In summary, they write “Our take on the iPad mini? We are fans. ForeFlight Mobile runs beautifully on the mini.”

Here’s the link to learn more about the ‘mini’ from our friends at ForeFlight:

In addition:

iPad Pilot News also published iPad mini flight review.

John Ewing, publisher of the Aviation Mentor Blog, posted his thoughts.

And John Gruber, author of the Daring Fireball blog, wrote his blog post available here.



If you’re waiting for Sagetech Clarity ADS-B to connect to your iFly 700/720…

You’ll need to wait a bit longer.? Here’s the latest update:

Jon writes: The current test software from AP added support. But sadly Sagetech is still having production issues and can’t sell anything yet. When I called last week I was told they hope to deliver the pre-orders before the the holidays. Their ordering system says Sept 30th.

AP response: Version 7.5 is currently being beta tested, and we did add support for the Clarity. But as Jon says, we have not been able to do any actual flight testing; this port was based just on their spec and test apps.

Follow this thread…

Sagetech Clarity ADSB – iFly General Discussions – Adventure Pilot
Wish I could try first hand

A couple interesting blogs happening now

ADS-B box location

Would there be any issues with mounting the ADS-B box near the ADAHRS box? I have a mounting system behind the aft baggage bulkhead in my RV-7A, with two angles running across the fuselage laterally and the ADAHRS mounted on them using brass screws, etc. Can I put the ADS-B box on that same set of angles, or would it be too close to the ADAHRS?

Trig TT31 and Garmin ADSB Interface (Beechtalk login required)

The main reason we removed the Garmin GNS 430W/530W from our list of approved GPS units was based upon the recent Garmin Service Advisory 1215 Rev A, which states that their GNS480/430W/530W and GTN650/750 do not currently meet the requirements for ADS-B in the USA. I am unsure what problem their units have but we are waiting on Garmin to release notification that they have fixed this problem before we can list it as a viable position source.
The FAA have set the standards of ADS-B in the USA quite high because they intend to use it to replace RADAR for surveillance across the USA. This means that the GPS that provides all the positional data to the transponder must meet pretty high specifications. GPS units such as the Freeflight 1201 and NexNav Mini GPS both meet the FAA requirements and the Garmin GNS series (with WAAS )/ GTN series should both have the correct hardware but currently are waiting on a fix from Garmin to make them compliant.

Read on…

Understanding ADS-B traffic – from Sporty’s Pilot Shop

This is a good read for those just now coming up to speed on all thing ADS-B and especially ADS-B traffic.? Although the article is a bit Garmin-centric, it’s still good information and is well written.

Understanding ADS-B traffic

Also referenced in the article:

Pilot Report: flying with the Garmin GDL 39 ADS-B receiver

And an end-state ADS-B coverage map:

ADS-B Final

Real life experience with ADS-B? Blog happening now…

Check out this forum:

ADSB…Options – Canard Aviation Forum
Anyone thinking about the 2020 ADSB out mandate as of yet, and more to the point, anyone flying ADSB traffic and weather systems now? In my real job of

Using SkyRadar with the iFly 700, can I see airplanes with Mode C transponders?

In response to the question:

Using SkyRadar with the iFly 700, can I see airplanes with Mode C transponders?

SkyRadar, paired with the iFly 700 (or 720), will receive all ADS-B Out transmissions broadcast on frequencies the ADS-B receiver is capable of receiving.? If the ADS-B receiver is UAT only, Mode C traffic won’t be broadcast to the unit unless there’s another aircraft in the area with ADS-B out on the UAT frequency.? The nearby aircraft enables a ground station to send Mode C traffic and any nearby 1090ES traffic.? Also invisible to ADSB in are aircraft with no transponder or ADS-B out, and ground station generated transmissions where there are no ground stations accessible (seems to still be a problem in the mid-west).? Even if there is a ground station, Mode C targets below radar coverage won’t be seen.


Real world ADS-B performance report – excellent blog @ VAF Forums

Real world ADSB performance report – VAF Forums
Took a short flight this evening in an effort to see how well the ground station signals work in my area. I was using a GDL-39 sitting on the glare shield with its

Video: PCAS XRX and new MX1090 Portable ADS-B

Zaon’s new MX1090 ADS-B traffic is compatible with the PCAS XRX combining both traffic data into one output. Shown on a Garmin, the XRX traffic is visible as well as ADS-B traffic. ADS-B traffic is displayed with a ground track indication, and with an altitude resolution of 25 feet. The MX1090 can function as a stand-alone system, combine XRX traffic, or combine TIS traffic. It can be powered from the XRX or independently, and takes seconds to plug-n-fly. Zaon is taking pre-orders for August delivery.? Check it out here.

And at Zaon’s Web site.

Portable ADS-B receiver options and partnerships

For those in the market for a small, portable ADS-B receiver to feed FIS-B data to an iPad, we’re starting to see more options, lower prices, and better functionality.? These are normal market dynamics at work and what was expected.? However, along with more options for the consumer, we’re also seeing a number of partnerships developing between software and hardware suppliers, as well as exclusive arrangements with resellers.? Here’s a line-up of available options and partnership announcements (let me know if I missed anyone important):

3/27/12 ForeFlight teams with Appareo’s Stratus receiver which can now be purchased from Sporty’s for $799 – link.

5/22/12 Radenna’s SkyRadar-L (Single Band (978MHz) Receiver) ADS-B Weather Receiver (which feeds the SkyRadar and?WingX Pro7 iPad apps) is now available from for $599 – link.?? Other single- and dual-channel SkyRadar receivers are available.

5/23/12 NavWorx teams with Essential Flight Technology (developer of ChartFlier EFB software) to produce the Apple iOS-based version of the PADS? WxBox? which can be pre-ordered for $795 through August 1st, then the price will be $895 after that.? First devices are expect to ship by August – link.

5/1/12 And then there’s the Clarity family of ADS-B receivers from Sagetech which you can pre-order from Sagetech starting May 31st, with deliveries starting July 24th.? The Clarity devices will work with WingX Pro 7 and the i1000 Flight System on the iPad and start at $757 – link.

OK, and now I have a question.? What’s Garmin up to?? They have the expertise to build a great portable ADS-B receiver, they already have an iPad application, AND they’re a brand that pilots know and trust.? Am I the only one that sees a real opportunity here?

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