Air Traffic Control: Insecurity and ADS-B (source)

Righter Kunkel ‘DefCon 17’


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ADS-B Program Overview
Presented by Andy Leone, FAA, SBS Program
Explanation of dual-link, ADS-R, TIS-B, FIS-B, coverage expectations, versions of ADS-B standards
ADS-B Program Overview.pdf

Final ADS-B Out Rule Requirements
Presented by Russell Gold, FAA, SBS Program
Overview of regulatory requirements in 2020, significant issues from NPRM and decisions as explained in preamble
Final ADS-B Out Rule Requirements.pdf

ADS-B Early Implementation Experiences
Presented by Don Walker, FAA Avionics Systems Branch, AIR-130
Types of problems seen with early implementations, which have motivated the published policy
ADS-B Early Implementation Experiences.pdf

ADS-B Installation Guidance
Presented by Don Walker
Overview and issues identified in AC 20-165, including compatibility between transponder and GNSS sensor.
AEA ADS-B Installation Guidance1.pdf

AEA ADS-B Rule & Installation Guidance.pdf

GNSS Sensor Compatibility Project
Presented by Don Walker
Summary of industry project to facilitate use of TSO-C129 equipment
GNSS Sensor Compatibility Project.pdf

Operators of Non-certificated Aircraft
Presented by Bruce DeCleene, Manager of FAA Avionics Systems Branch, AIR-130
Strategies for supporting experimental and light-sport aircraft in compliance to the rule
Operators of Non-Certificated Aircraft.pdf

ADS-B Field Approvals Discussion
Tim Shaver, FAA Avionics Maintenance Branch
Discussion of plans and conditions for enabling follow-on field approvals of ADS-B out installations
ADS-B Field Approval Discussion.pdf

Review of FY11 FAA Business Plan
Presented by Wes Ryan, Small Airplane Directorate
Recognizing additional technologies are expected beyond ADS-B, industry/FAA discussion of concerns, issues, and proposals for NextGen implementation in the general aviation segment
Review of FY11 FAA Business Plan Item.pdf